Finals Week – Final Pitch

9 June 2009

The final projects:

Reminder: Catalyst peer review and final essay

Week 10 – Wrapping Up

2 June 2009


  • We’ll give one another feedback on personal podcast and final draft personal podcast documentation. [I’m happy to review your personal podcast in advance – the earlier the better!]
  • We’ll talk about show notes and more about promotion
  • We’ll give one another feedback on final draft group project documentation (if it’s ready)
  • Course gradesheet/points assessment (note: all assignments to date are “points/no points” — ie, was the assignment completed or not)

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week 8 – distribution

19 May 2009

– How do we get listeners?
Technologies: iTunes, ZuneMarketplace

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Week 7

12 May 2009

podcasts and the social media ecosystem

  • Housekeeping
  • Group projects
  • What Is The Social Media Ecosystem?
  • Blog Usability

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Week 6 – legalities

5 May 2009
  • Ethics, copyright and other laws
  • Podcast profiles
  • Technologies: Creative Commons
  • Personal podcasts: first cut
  • Group project: feedback

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2009 Projects

5 May 2009

Here are the project pages where you will post comments (feedback) on each team proposal. Feedback should be completed by class next week!

Each person will review the other team proposal!  The criteria follow:

  • Title
  • Overall concept viability
  • Implementation feasibility
  • Format matches audience
  • Promotion plan

Week 5

28 April 2009

organizational podcasts: planning fundamentals

:: Guest Lecture, Jyotsna Natarajan, Amazon

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Digital Sound Effects

27 April 2009

Need more sound effects for your podcast? Here’s a pretty extensive library. All sounds are royalty free but there is a fee to download them.

Digital Sound Effects


21 April 2009

This is a test of ScribeFire – a FF extension. Link to CCN story.

Week 4

21 April 2009

telling the story

:: Guest Lecture: Peg Achterman, journalist (on interviewing)

– Genre, soundtrack, and developing the pitch
– Draft personal podcast ideas
– Technologies: ScribeFire, GarageBand, royalty-free music
– Group project – team time

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