week 8 – distribution

:: Guest Lecture: Jason Preston, Parnassus Group and WebCommunity.com
– How do we get listeners?
Technologies: iTunes, ZuneMarketplace


  • Perpetuated Web-enabled content of a conversational nature.”
  • Intersection between cheap information distribution (the Internet) and a person’s inherent desire to be social
  • Shift from top-down to bottom-up
  • The “social graph” structures social connections
  • Videos from Revver: Blog Business Summit – John Furrier on iTunes; Robert Scoble on podcasting
  • Forrester research stats (self-identified as online consumers)
  • Great market to advertise in; distribution is almost zero but not the cost of production
  • Complement real-world activities (keg: see manager-tools.com)

Featured Podcasts

Featured Posts

Ways to promote your podcast (and blog)

  • Ask people to contribute (Ockhamsrazor at Australian Broadcasting Corp)
  • Develop a “bug” and put it on related content pages (PC Mag

Hosting & Feeds
Because most ISPs (or free sites like WordPress) have bandwidth limits, it’s best to host your podcast on servers dedicated to that … and then link to them. Of course, you can put your personal podcasts on your UW student account in the media directory. Take Drew’s streaming media class this summer to learn more!

Here are some hosts — they all have +/-:

I’ll set up a new podcast at Odeo to demo what these services are like!

In-Lab Exercise

  • Individual:
    Imagine, for a moment, that your individual podcast was going to be a regular item. Search podcast directories (iTunes, Zune Marketplace, The Podcast Directory, Podcast411, etc – see page 262 of TBPB) and figure out where your topic would fit (genre). Write a short description of that you might use. Post this to your blog; categorize as assignment.
  • Group Assignment 1:
    Do the above (individual) assignment as a group. Identify at least five places you can promote your podcast. Consider Facebook or MySpace or other social networking sites — what are the pluses/minuses of using them to promote your podcast? How would you go about doing that? Finally, why did you pick the channels that you did? One post per group here, as a comment on this page.
  • Group Assignment 2:
    What are the keywords that you should be associating with your blog/podcast in order for it to be “found”? As a group, brainstorm keywords that you think are appropriate for your content — you can use these keywords to develop content (use them in blog posts and for certain in your podcast description!) or you can “buy” them if you decide to place ads. Play with Wordtracker.com (register for a free account – just be sure to cancel by day 7!) or Yahoo! or Google. One post per group here, as a comment on this page.
  • Group Assignment 3:
    Examine the audio commenting services listed on page 315 of TBPB. Analyze each — which ones (if any) can be used with WordPress or Blogger? Which require a paid service like Typepad? A self-hosted blog? Now — what are the pluses-and-minuses of adding this to your podcast. Include in final proposal.


REMINDER – will review personal podcast if I get it soon!


5 Responses to week 8 – distribution

  1. hulln says:

    UW COM podcast (Garrett, Chris, Nate)

    Five places to promote the UW podcast. We picked these channels because they cover a wide variety of popular podcast listings. Our show is more likely to be found through these directories.

    UW Com Website — Most direct: most likely place to be viewed by current students, prospective students, faculty, and alumni. There is really no drawbacks to hosting the podcast on the COM Webste.

    iTunes/Tunes U — Most likely place to be viewed by casual users. Most popular podcast directory. Drawback: such a large directory that our show could get lost in the mass of shows.

    Facebook/Myspace — Easy to find students. Show can spread virally through groups/friends. Drawback: people tend to ignore friend requests — Harder to reach audience.

    Oculture.com — Top google hit for “university podcasts”. Drawback: may not be updated regularly.

    Podcast Directory — Very popular directory. Unreliable categories.

  2. cvellis says:

    UW COM podcast (Garrett, Chris, Nate)

    Assignment #2 – Search Keywords

    UW, University of Washington, UW Communication Department, College Podcast, University Podcast, Communication Students, Journalism Programs, Journalism Students, Journalism Student Podcast

  3. Katie Hall says:

    Group Assignment 1:

    • Below are the 5 places we will promote our blog:

    1. Facebook: – MSN already has an advertising partnership with them, so it would be a seamless process to promote our podcast on Facebook. We could try it through both building a page for the podcast, as well as low cost banner ads on the site.
    2. MSN Entertainment Homepage – This is the most logical location to promote the podcast – it gets a lot of traffic, and provides an excellent place to extend the brand of MSN Entertainment.
    3. MSN Homepage: Despite the hurdles necessary to land on the homepage, we definitely put this on our list of “possibilities.” If granted a link there, even one day a month, we could get a considerable amount of hits to our podcast.
    4. iTunes or Zune: We’ll need to look into whether we could feature an MSN podcast on iTunes, but would definitely approach Zune about highlighting this, potentially on one of their feature pages.
    5. Technorati: It would be great to be featured here, as it holds a lot of street cred. with podcasters.

    Group Assignment 2

    Below are just a few of the keywords we would use in a search buy. We generated many of these by using MSN’s AdCenter tool:

    Entertainment, MSN, “MSN Entertainment,” gossip, celebrity, buzz, chit chat, scandal, baby, love, paparazzi, red carpet, music, movies, television, velvet rope, idol, star, show, photos, pictures, weddings, hairstyles, fashion, style, news, pics, birthdays, deaths, hair, busted, rehab, diets, swinger, aging, divorces, winner, plastic surgery, smack, money, party, bling, analysis, sweeps week, grammy, oscar, season finale, award, academy, emmy, best picture, best actor, broadway, musical, new york, los angeles, NY, LA.

  4. coreygil says:

    Group Assignment 3

    MobaTalk – Did not see anything about it working with WordPress or Blogger. Appears as not available – website did not work. Saw something about it being a rebrand of MyChingo, which is a paid service.

    Odeo – Is a free service that works with WordPress and Blogger. It can also be used on a self-hosted blog.

    Skype – Is a paid service that works with WordPress but does not appear to work with Blogger. It can also be used on a self-hosted blog.

    K7.net – Is a free service that provides a phone number for voicemail. Don’t see why the phone number can’t be listed on either WordPress or Blogger, or a self-hosted blog. Voicemail can be accessed online or via email.

    Pluses of adding audio comments:
    • Get feedback from audience
    • Solicit talking points
    • Include audience comments in podcast
    • Use as testimonials

    Minuses of adding audio comments:
    • Takes time – to set up and to listen
    • May get off-topic comments

  5. xiaoqi says:

    Group Assignment – Mariner Fancast
    sports; baseball; fan;

    Mariners; Moose; baseball;

    Mariner Fancast promotion plan; distrisbution plan
    – Use podcast web site promote and distribute the marina fancast: itune.com; podcast.yahoo.com; Podcast Alley; Podcast Pickle; odeo.com
    – Write blog, wiki promote it:
    – Imbed our podcast property to other sports site.
    – Create reader’s review for our project, so we could attractive others’ by attract significient reviewer to our project
    – Invite wellknown reviewer or player to our Podcasting.

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