week 10 – personal podcasts

Looking forward to hearing personal podcasts tonight! I will have “score sheets” (pdf) for those participating to provide real-time feedback.

The grade sheet has been updated.

(1) Many of you slacked off the second half of the quarter and did not make even one post per week, much less two. For extra credit — **anyone** who wants to post one additional “related” (not reading, as there is no reading due) post can do so by the end of this week (Friday at 6 pm).

(2) If you did not complete the blog or podcast analysis — I will accept late posts at half credit. Again, due by 6 pm on Friday. These assignments are part of class participation and were designed to help you prepare analyses for group and individual podcast.

Due Dates:
Personal blog — remember that I will be evaluating your blog for personal brand, visual appeal, and ease of reading (not white on black), and genre conformance. This also means that there should be no posts “uncategorized.”

The personal podcast remains due next Tuesday. Remember to create a blog post that describes the podcast – goals, audience, etc and that includes a Creative Commons license. Link to the podcast, unless we have made prior arrangements for your podcast to be private. In that case, you can make the post private (send me the password); send me a link; or use SendThisFile.com (preferred to email attachments).

For the group project, in case you decide to tweak something after next week’s presentations, I am extending the deadline to midnight Wednesday. That will include the online survey where you provide feedback on your team members. Your promotion plan should have included a blog where you will post the first episode. Deliverables also include next week’s PPT, your final business case, assumptions about your audience and competition, and specific details on the proposed show. These can be incorporated into the blog as pages. If we have made arrangements for this material to be private, then you can password protect the posts and give me the password!

Next week:
Please come to class (CMU126) at 6 pm. I will have a few wrap up comments and evaluation forms for you to complete. We will have food of some type. Anyone who can come a little early to help with room set up, that will be appreciated.

Using SimpleSite:

  1. Login to CatalystTools
  2. Select SimpleSite from left navigation
  3. Pick your web account (web services must be active*)
  4. Create a new folder (I’d call it “podcast”)
  5. Single-click the directory in the “explorer view” to make it the focus
  6. Upload the mp3 file into that directory using the “browse” button to find the file on your drive
  7. Copy the link from the upload completion screen

Enable Web Services

  1. Manage your UW Net ID resources
  2. Turn Web Publishing On

creative commons code to copy&paste (pdf)

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License


Simultaneous Multi-Track Recording (from Vaun)


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