Week 2: Oral Storytelling


  • Lynda.com invitation (check mail)
  • Oral Storytelling (ppt)
  • Writing for the ear
  • Discuss/pitch possible projects
  • Technologies: RSS/Podcasting, WordPress, iTunes


Writing for the Ear: Tips from Kathy

“Reading most long sentences is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.”
~ David Clark

The Group Project

(1) Annie
Podcast for MCDM – not about program or classes but outlet for students … like FTM … different students would contribute … types of conversations that we are having

(2) Sarah
Craigslist “free” stuff … story behind the item … why they were compelled to give this item away … episodic
City of Seattle – solid waste & recycling program … or a sustainability nonprofit

(3) Alvin + Vera
Cultural tour about Seattle — activities that families can do on weekends …. Underground Seattle, Burke-Gilman trail, three activities suitable for a family.
City of Seattle – Convention & Visitor Bureau – History Museum

(4) Helen
Pet (PawCast) … help with adoption, health tips (dealing with heat), taking care of your current pet
Humane Society

(5) Rubi
* Series for victims of crime – domestic violence, etc – Interview with victims, experts, safety tips and phone number. Nonprofits that could benefit from this podcast
* Fairy tales / Children’s stories — 4-5 minute stories for children perhaps Flash with illustrations
Parents who have children; multi-cultural stories; client ?
* Second Life stories — what happens in SecondLife; episodic
Linden Labs

(6) Ziwen/Renee
MCDM program podcast

More “Shows”

We now have a “resources” page. Should we list each student’s “resources” post here or actually cross-post the content? [Discuss.]

Podcast/Blogroll page needs descriptions from most of you! You can’t all edit the page at the same time, unfortunately. [Discuss.]

Next Week:

  • If you want to produce a “draft” podcast on a topic of personal interest, bring a recording of your voice (3-4 minutes) next week. There is no requirement that you to do this, however, as I’ll provide voice and sound files. We’ll spend most of our time together next week becoming familiar with the software for editing sound. Please bring headphones of some type (ear buds are fine). If you want to use your own laptop — bring it!
  • WordPress
    • We’ll examine blog designs (themes) for usability
    • You should have these widgets enabled: categories, links (blogroll), archives, “meta”
    • Turn off “snap-preview” (extras)
    • Note: time (-8) does not adjust for DST


One Response to Week 2: Oral Storytelling

  1. Sarah & Annie says:

    1. Introduction/Production value
    Engaging introductions are a must to capture potential listeners’ attention in the first 10-15 seconds. Just like commercials and websites, first impressions are crucial. Production quality also speaks to credibility.

    2. Personable/relatable content
    People are not going to listen to something that they are not interested in – so having a topic that engages people is necessary.

    3. Timeliness/Current events
    To really take advantage of syndication, having timely content and speaks to current events can help build credibility and keep users coming back for more episodes.

    4. Tone
    The host should be animated and enjoyable to listen to. To keep an audience engaged, the primary presenter needs to be personable.

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