Week 6 – legalities

  • Ethics, copyright and other laws
  • Podcast profiles
  • Technologies: Creative Commons
  • Personal podcasts: first cut
  • Group project: feedback

Ethics, copyright and other laws

Podcast Profiles (continuing process from last week)

Blog posts of note:


Personal Podcasts: First Cut
Proof-of-concept for personal podcast (bring MP3 to class) due class time (6pm) Tu 5 May (I’ll upload mp3s to server so everyone can “hear” them)

  • Rubi’s stand-alone site and podcast 1 (remember to edit that first post – and tell us about Podbean)
  • Sarah’s logo
  • Missing: Alvin’s rewrite
  • Missing: some folks didn’t provide feedback last week – be sure to provide feedback tonight (list below – we went “up” last week, IIRC – you should have provided feedback the 3 people “above” you)
  • Most still need a short summary/description that tells people what the podcast is about: tonight, create a new blog post that is JUST the description of your podcast. Sell us! What is it about – how long – how often? Think: what makes you say “I’ll subscribe to this podcast” — that’s what your description needs to entail!

Last week’s assignment – round 2 of the podcast description:

  1. Alvin
  2. Annie
  3. Helen
  4. Renee
  5. Rubi
  6. Sarah (summary)
  7. Vera (summary)
  8. Ziwen
:: Due Dates ::

  • Blog post w/personal podcast description (per above) – 9 pm TH
  • Feedback on group project plans due NLT class time (6pm) 12 May
  • Feedback on individual podcast proof-of-concept [Rubi’s is online] due NLT (4 pm) 12 May (listen to everyone’s and send the feedback to me at kegill-at-u…edu … I’ll compile and anonymize)


This is a test of CC license:
Creative Commons License
This work by Kathy E. Gill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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