Week 10 – Wrapping Up


  • We’ll give one another feedback on personal podcast and final draft personal podcast documentation. [I’m happy to review your personal podcast in advance – the earlier the better!]
  • We’ll talk about show notes and more about promotion
  • We’ll give one another feedback on final draft group project documentation (if it’s ready)
  • Course gradesheet/points assessment (note: all assignments to date are “points/no points” — ie, was the assignment completed or not)

Personal Podcasts For Review Tonight

We have “score sheets” (pdf) for those participating to provide real-time feedback. Please use the last four digits of your UW Student Number at the top right of the page. This way you get participation credit.

Lecture Notes

Assignments Due Last Tuesday

Find two examples of show notes – one exemplary, one that could use some work. Explain your reasoning. Post by 6 pm Tuesday.

Draft show notes for your personal podcast; post by 6 pm Tuesday.

Preparing for the Pitch:
  • Group pitch (please give me digital copy of your PPT and mp3 next Tuesday in class)
  • Group final proposal material (due Wednesday at midnight)
  • Team member evaluation will be private (Catalyst) and due Wednesday at midnight
  • Reflective Essay – Due Tu 9 June at midnight
  • Personal blog — remember that I will be evaluating your blog for personal brand, visual appeal, and ease of reading (not white on black), and genre conformance. This also means that there should be no posts “uncategorized.”
  • Remember to create a blog post that describes the podcast – goals, audience, show notes, etc and that includes a Creative Commons license (code to copy&paste if needed-pdf). If your personal podcast is on a different site — link to that site, but please post the textual information on your course blog.

2 Responses to Week 10 – Wrapping Up

  1. kegill says:

    Feedback requested on site design: http://exploreseattle.podbean.com

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