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Student performance is evaluated in these five ways:

  • Weekly blog posts (18%)
  • Personal podcasts (15%)
  • Group project (40%)
  • Class participation (15%)
  • Final essay (12%)

Weekly Blog Posts (180 points)
Because podcasts are intimately associated with blogs and because this class deals with marketing, students will maintain a blog (using WordPress) in the course. Students must customize the appearance of the blog so that it reflects their personal brand, is visually appealing and easy to read, and conforms to genre. Students will make at least two blog posts each week (total 18).

• One post reflects on course material, directly or indirectly [this is not necessarily a reading reflection]
• One post highlights an external source that is relevant to course material [this helps build a resource database; this post will be cross-posted on this course blog]

Due: Weeks 2-10 (9 weeks, Su-Sa)
Student Blogs

Personal Podcasts (150 points)
Students will produce two personal podcasts, allowing them to become familiar with all phases of podcast production.

The first is a proof of concept podcast that acquaints students with recording and editing (50 points). It is not evaluated on content but on the fact of completion.

Due: Week 4 – draft; Week 6 – proof of concept recording

The second is a finished podcast that includes a statement of purpose and audience description; it also includes any clearance documents/details (100 points). The genre can be educational, informative, or an interview. The class will decide if it wants to follow a common genre/topic or be truly individual. The podcast should include a professionally-produced intro and exit (branding by sound), be 4-6 minutes and be submitted in mp3 format. Students will select an appropriate Creative Commons license and publish the podcast on their blog. It will be evaluated on content and production values; the supporting documentation will be evaluated on thoroughness and will also be submitted on the student blog.

The two deliverables for the second individual podcast are due Tuesday of finals week (9 June) at midnight

Group Project (400 points)
The group project is composed of four steps:
(a) a proposal for a podcast show for an organization to use as part of its marketing communication mix (175 points)
(b) one pilot episode (75 points)
(c) a draft plan (100 points) that will get feedback from the class and instructor
(d) team members will also evaluate one another’s performance (50 points)

The plan should be developed using WetPaint or GoogleDocs (collaborative editing) and includes
• Business case (pitch)
• Audience assumptions
• Details on show : frequency, genre, music, tempo, length (range), and any clearance details
• Promotion/Distribution plan

The class will determine the deadlines for the draft document.

The complete package is due Tuesday of finals week (9 June) at midnight. Each team will post project details on the course blog (one page per team). Team member evaluation will be private.

Class Participation (150 points)
Students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for completing all course material on deadline. Discussion about readings and other class material will be conducted seminar-style, that is with an exchange of questions, explanations and viewpoints about readings and key ideas. There will also be in-class assignments posted to your blog.

Students are also encouraged to comment on one another’s postings (banter is OK!) to continue discussion outside of class.

In addition, students will complete a (non-graded) pre- and post-class online assessment WebQ, focused on the learning outcomes but also with some questions about familiarity with technologies to be used in the class. This is part of an ongoing assessment of our courses and will also be used to organize the small groups.

Students will subscribe to at least two podcasts that publish at least once/week and will assess the quality and characteristics of the podcasts. Students will “follow” at least two blogs with content related to the topic of the course and will assess the quality and characteristics of the blogs. These assessments can be shared as one of the two weekly blog posts (the “course material” post); students will also share this information orally with the class.

Reflective Essay (120 points)
This, the final assignment, substitutes for a final exam. In this essay, you should reflect upon what you have learned in the course and what you learned as a result of the group project. Illustrate how your thinking changed (or was reinforced) or detail other “ah-ha” moments. You must give examples (evidence, such as references to readings or other material covered in class). How will you apply these learnings outside the classroom? Length: 850-1000 words

The essay will be turned in via Catalyst CollectIt and will be graded on how well it meets the above requirements as well as creativity. Of course, grammar-spelling-punctuation counts as well.

Due Tu 9 June at midnight

Grading Scale
(for reflective essay, second individual podcast, and group project deliverables)

• 4.0 – 95-100
Exceptional work. Student performance demonstrates full command of course material and evidences a high level of originality and/or creativity
• 3.9 – 90-94
Outstanding work. Student performance demonstrates full command of course material and exceeds course expectations by completing all requirements in a superior manner.
• 3.7 – 87-89
Very good work. Student performance demonstrates advanced understanding of the course material.
• 3.5 – 84-86
Good work. Student performance demonstrates above average comprehension of the course material.
• 3.2 – 80-83
Average work. Student performance demonstrates basic comprehension of the course material.
• 2.8 – 77-79
Below average work.
• 2.6 and below – 76 and below
Unacceptable work. Student performance does not demonstrate comprehension of the course material. Course work performed at this level will not count toward the MC degree. For the course to count towards the degree, the student must repeat the course with a passing grade.

• >950 points = 4.0
• 900-949 points = 3.9
• 870-899 points = 3.7
• 840-869 points = 3.5
• 800-839 points = 3.2
• 770-799 points = 2.8
From the syllabus.


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