2009 Project : MCDM

This is the page for the MCDM podocast team. Post comments on the proposal using the comments feature on this page. View proposal on Google Docs (1) and revision on GoogleDocs (2).

The other project: Seattle.


7 Responses to 2009 Project : MCDM

  1. Helen says:


    I like Digitall! We dig all that is digital. Will this be on the Flip the Media page? What does “Legacy, jump start like the Flip the Media” mean? Who is the target audience- current or prospective MCDM students? Why do you see a demand for this podcast?


    • Helen says:

      To expand upon my earlier post:

      I really like digitall as a title and a logo: nice design.

      Overall concept viability
      Digital Media is the future of communication, so this topic is very relevant. As the MCDM program expands and gains popularity, the podcast can serve as a resource for current and prospective students, as well as techies and marketers, while simultaneously promoting the program.

      Implementation feasibility
      “Less frequent and more quality than FTM”- weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? You seem to have a good breakdown of who will take care of what aspect of the project.

      Format matches audience
      The intended audience is tech-savvy enough to already be aware of and listening to podcasts, so this is a perfect fit. I like that you are keeping each segment relatively brief: we’re in the age of short attention spans and people who are attracted to social/digital media are used to getting their information in manageable pieces.

      Promotion plan
      How will you promote the podcast? Will it be posted on FTM as well as available via a podcast catcher?

      Looking forward to hearing how this turns out! It seems like it would be a great addition to FTM if you have time to make it a regular thing.


  2. Alvin says:

    Digitall is a great title! I understand clearly how you plan to organize this podcast and think this is a wonderful idea.
    A few suggestions:
    You should incorporate a video podcast in your business plan even if you dont record one. It would be good to think further down the road for future students to use.

    Will this be on its own website or on Flip the media? I think it would be a good addition to the Flip the Media blog/website. If some of the topics or highlights are about students, staff then this should be close to the Flip the media site for branding purposes.

    Marketing: You can reach audiences outside of MCDM but I say keep it niche for listeners who want to know about many ways to use social media tools.

    Maybe even the speakers/lectures to classes can get interviewed quickly and added to the podcast show.

    I like the breakdown of the sections.

    Look forward to hearing the final result.
    Alvin Singh

  3. Vera says:

    I really like the LOGO/Title “digitall”, this represents the chemistry in MCDM very well.

    I assume that the audiences of this podcast are the prospective students? If the assumption is the case, then I think interviewing current student/alumni section is quite appealing and practical. The length of the podcast seems appropriate, too.

    All the sections look terrific and well allocated!
    A few couple of questions: Are the “feature media stories” as same as those on FTM? What different mission the podcast will carry on when it compared with FTM? How is this podcast integrated with FTM? I personally think the podcast is better to tie with FTM instead of having its own site.

    I don’t think the feasibility will have any problem here since we have so many experts in our program and we have bunch of resources from FTM/UWMCDM tweets… etc. As long as we have the fixed format and have a clear idea of integrating the podcast with other channels, it is good to go.

    If the podcast aims to appeal more prospective students, then in addition to tie this podcast with FTM, it might be good to put the podcast on some apply system. There are some lists that display various programs under communication department in the nation. Perhaps it is good to set our podcast there.
    Or, it might be good to put our podcast under the “education category” in podcast directories such as iTunes, Podcast Alley…etc.

  4. kegill says:

    Very nice logo, team!

    Need to be more specific about frequency; need to think about how this might be managed if it were to move forward. Podcasts are not going to “grow” organically like blog posts – they need much more structured management.

    I think the format is good place to start. Since you’re going to hand this off, you’ll want more ideas under each type. You’ll also want to develop some suggested guidelines. Think about everything you would need to produce a podcast if you were an interested MCDM student who had not taken this course. Podcast website might have these resources or they might be on Google Doc or Wiki.

    Also, you’ll want to structure your STP more like the Explore Seattle folks did. Be sure to add the competitive podcasts that you have found in your analysis.

  5. sarah funk says:

    Frequency: This was defined within the document as twice a month. We want to keep it frequent enough to keep the audience engaged. But not so frequent that the quality would decrease due to the high amount of effort required to produce a podcast.

    Promotion: One point of entry would be MCDM’s Media Space project. Additional ways to drive traffic would include links from FTM and the program’s main website. Podcast directories and iTunes will also be utilized.

    Differences from FTM: The blog is not filtered, more frequent and anyone can post. Digitall will be a lot more selective because the production takes a lot more effort. We think of Digitall as a filter of the best type of content on FTM. There wouldn’t be much more association between the podcast and the blog other than that they are linked together, produced by the same program and cover the same topics.

    Guidelines for future producers: A very good idea – forecasting these types of issues is important because the producers will rotate frequently. We can set the guidelines for future students to follow so the podcast maintains a level of consistency.

    Competitive Analysis: We mentioned two podcasts in our document, Stanford’s eCorner series and The Center for Social Media, a joint effort by American University and MIT.

    What we learned from Explore Seattle:
    We like that they are reaching further out with their promotional ventures all the way to the Vancouver Olympics. We are thinking we could use this approach in regards to various social and digital media conferences.

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