2009 Project : Seattle

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6 Responses to 2009 Project : Seattle

  1. Annie says:

    Feedback for Project Seattle
    from Annie

    I think the Title fits well with the overall theme. It’s simple but still represents the purpose of the podcast. People will remember it because the title is exactly what the users want to get out of it. One suggestion would be to add an exclamation mark? “Explore Seattle!”

    Overall concept viability
    The concept is perfect for a city that has so many diverse activities but gets little attention. Personally, I think it could work with just having one interest per podcast episode rather than having various interests (outdoor, families, etc.). This way, users can pick the episode they want to hear, instead of listening to all of them or having to fast forward to the content they want. This could also help add “suspense” for subscribers, because each episode will feature a new interest.

    Additionally, you can consider featuring local festivals and events, especially in the summertime when every weekend is filled with different event options (Seafair, Bite of Seattle, etc.).

    Implementation feasibility
    From an implementation perspective, I don’t see any issues here. I think the length and frequency of the podcast is optimal and the content is realistic to implement.

    Format matches audience
    Your audience could range from international tourists, national visitors, to even local/nearby residents. Your format seems to favor all of these audiences; having a versatile podcast is beneficial.

    Promotion plan
    Great plan in place. Here are some additional locations you can use for promoting ‘Explore Seattle’

    – Partner with Vancouver Visitors Bureau’s website, a PNW Tourism Site (if there are any), Pike Place Market, and even national tourism guide sites.

    – Consider Zune for podcast directory as well

    – Consider offline (local TV, Seattle Weekly, etc.) marketing. Sometimes local journalists are willing to promote local products for free.

    – Go grassroots with social media. Have your fans help spread the word.

  2. sarah funk says:

    * Title
    Explore Seattle is a very concise title. This title will be effective in grabbing the attention of potential listeners who might be looking for a podcast on Seattle travel and events.

    * Overall concept viability
    The part on ‘Seattle celebrities’ seems kind of vague. What kind of content will come from this? How do you define a Seattle celebrity? Would examples of possible segments be on Bruce Lee’s grave, the Jimi Hendrix statue or Kurt Cobain’s bench? I’m not sure if there is enough of this kind of stuff to carry 30% of a weekly podcast. It might make more sense to divide the segments like this:

    1. Art/History/Culture
    2. Outdoors/Sports/Leisure
    3. Events/Activities/Festivals

    * Implementation feasibility
    The multiple languages is a good idea – it seems really ambitious though. You would essentially be putting out two, three or more times as much content because of this. Each language version would need just as much editing and production.

    * Format matches audience
    This format will appeal to the defined audience. I could see this being a podcast that a traveler loads on their iPod and listens to on a flight to Seattle as a way to plan part of their trip.

    * Promotion plan
    Coordinating with well known tourism sites such as SCVB will be key to success. Descriptive episode metadata and blog posts written for SEO will also be very crucial.

  3. gzliuzw says:

    Explore Seattle is a simple but very concise title. I think you guys did a great job in picking up the essential part of your ideas!
    Just a suggestion to make this title more understandable: You can consider adding a sub-title such as: Explore Seattle – your latest local tourism guide

    Overall concept viability:
    Promoting tourism is no doubt a very feasible cure to the economic downturn. I think the concept is very feasible.

    Given the fact that you guys have very limited man-powers that you might get in trouble of finding topics in future. So, I suggest that you might consider outsouring topics as well as contents of your podcasts. Let anyone who is enthusiatic about your idea contribute to the podcast. Let you guys’ enthusiasm spread all the way to the government.

    Format matches audience:
    ten minutes might be too long to run a tourism podcast because I tend to think that the audience would prefer to explore the Seattle themselves. So, instead of exploring Seattle for them, you can provide with tourism tips, fun locations and ratings to the targeted audience. This might reduce your workloads and add more effectiveness to your podcasts.

    Promotion plan:
    You guys did a great job incorporating social media with your podcasts. I agree with Annie that you might add more directories related to your topics.

    I tend to think that measuring the success of your podcasts could the hardest part of the whole project. The reason is that getting suscribers and downloads is only the basic parameter to measure the effectiveness of your podcasts. But to acceive what you guys are visioning in the first place – promoting the tourism industry in Seattle to stimulate the whole economic situation in Seattle, it is only a start. So, you might need to bear this question in mind in the process of doing this project: how to reach the kind of influence you want? Just a brave hypothesis: Locating another NBA team will be a great stimulant to the tourism industry in Seattle considering sports tradition existing here.

  4. Renee says:

    – I like the title. It’s simple and goes straight to the heart of the podcast.

    Overall concept viability
    – Excellent research. You’ve explained not only what you will do, but why you will do it. I think it’s an excellent idea and well thought out.

    Implementation feasibility
    – Your production seems feasible to me but perhaps there’s a little too much going on. I would consider taking out one or two segments from the podcast and highlighting them on the blog instead.

    Format matches audience
    – As you’ve shown in your research, your podcast definitely has an audience.

    Promotion plan
    – Tying it in with the Olympics is a great idea.

    Good job!

  5. kegill says:

    Very nice STP! I think weekly is too frequent to begin; every-other week is more reasonable.

    Give a little more thought to the structure of the podcast. Ten minutes may a little “long” for two stories per episode. Will there be one primary narrator/personality?

    Add “competitive” podcasts from Seattle area to the STP.

    This proposal has real viability if anyone from the group wants to pitch it to the SCVB!

  6. Helen says:

    Thanks for your comments! We have decided to make some changes to our proposal:

    -We have changed the topics to be Art/History/Culture,
    Outdoors/Sports/Leisure and Events/Activities/Festivals to correspond with Sarah’s suggestion.
    -We still like the idea of having the three activities grouped together, but will also have the segments available as separate MP3s for people who want to pick and choose.
    -Field correspondents will conduct the different segments, with an regular anchor tying the three together and providing an intro and outro.
    -We will try to partner with some of the organizations you suggested.
    -We will change the format to be bi-weekly.
    -We’re making a Podbean site to both house our podcast and increase SEO.

    Thanks again,
    Alvin, Vera and Helen

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