Class Blogroll & Podroll – 2008

Blogs class members are “following” this quarter:

  1. 10e20 (Maury)
  2. AdRants (Corey, Garrett)
  3. Beth’s Blog: How NonProfits Can Use Social Media (Kathy)
    Beth Kanter is a trainer, blogger, and consultant to nonprofits and individuals in effective use of social media.
  4. Business and Politics of New Media (YiJen)
  5. Business Blogging Tips (Corey)
  6. Buzz Machine (Kathy)
    Jeff Jarvis focuses mostly on how digital technologies are affecting the news business, but he also dips into PR and marketing occasionally. Example here and here.
  7. Conversation Agent (Corey)
  8. CopyBlogger (Nate)
  9. Crooks and Liars (Jonathan)
    A consistently-updated blog featuring roundups of all the various silly and crazy things said every day on political talk radio and television. I always go to this site on sunday afternoons because their “Sunday Morning Talking Head” roundup is always hilarious. Definitely a leftist bent to this blog, and lots of constant criticism of Faux News, but they are an equal-opportunity criticizer of anyone who sticks their foot in their own mouth on national media.
  10. Digital Podcast (Katie)
  11. Dilbert Blog (Garrett)
  12. The Engaging Brand (Corey)
  13. Facebook Blog (Maury)
  14. Filter27 (Jonathan)
    A fantastic blog dedicated to the world of electronic music. I like the way media is mixed on this blog: plenty of text as well as visual, mixed in with lots of audio and video links as well as links to external sites and other sources of information. Despite the site containing a vast amount of information, I’m inspired by their minimalistic design and aesthetic dedication. The site is both pleasing on the eyes as well as the ears.
  15. Flip The Media (Garrett)
  16. Jaffe Juice (Josh)
    Blog by Joseph Jaffe, who is a thought leader on new marketing.
  17. MacAuthur Foundation Spotlight (Chris)
    How digital media impacts and benefits todays youth
  18. MasterNewMedia (Nate)
  19. MediaShift (Chris)
    PBS: focuses on the ways our media landscape is shifting
  20. Mental Floss (Garrett)
  21. Meta-Cool (Garrett)
  22. Micropersuasion (Kathy)
    Steve Rubel has arguably the most influential blog in the tech-PR sphere. I knew him when … 😉 Example here and here.
  23. O’Reilly Digital Media Blog (Nate)
  24. Online Marketing Blog(Josh)
    Blog by multiple contributors that provides businesses with resources and advice for online marketing and PR.
  25. Pew Internet (Katie)
  26. News (Corey, YiJen)
  27. Podcast Alley (Katie)
  28. Podcasting News (Katie, Nate, YiJen)
  29. Podcasting Tools (Sarah)
    A blog about podcasting tools, featuting daily podcasting news and information for podcasters and listeners.
  30. RSS Marketing Blog | RSS Applied (Josh)
    Blog that provides businesses with strategies and tips for RSS, blog and podcast technology.
  31. TenWatts (Maury)
  32. Science-Based Medicine (Jonathan)
    A new blog recently started by Dr. Novella of the Skeptic’s Guide podcast. Features contributions by academically-recognized medical doctors, scientists, and researchers. An attempt by science-based doctors to fight against the rising threat of so-called “alternative medicine” which is often unresearched and based less on scientific research than on feel-good remedies and placebo.
  33. Smart Mobs (Kathy)
    Howard Rheingold’s blog by the book of the same name.
  34. Social Media (Sarah)
    This blog covers the social Web. It tracks news about Facebook and other social networks and Web 2.0 sites.
  35. Social Media Marketing Blog
    (Chris) Boston-based writer, content developer, strategist and author
    (Sarah) Social Media Insights in the Increasingly Complex World of New Marketing.
  36. WiredPen (Garrett)

Podcasts class members are “following” this quarter:

  1. 60 Minutes (YiJen)
  2. Air Force Radio News (Garrett)
  3. Amateur Traveler (Maury)
  4. Ask an Astronomer Video (Garrett)
  5. Blue Room Seattle (Matt)
    The Blue Room Seattle is a show produced by artists and musicians. A world of creativity from a perspective that the mass media could never provide.
  6. BBC Global News (YiJen)
  7. Car Tech Reviews (Maury)
  8. CPSC (Sarah)
    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission protects the public from unreasonable risks of serious injury or death from more than 15,000 types of consumer products. The podcasts highlight the different aspects of CPSC and current product recalls.
  9. Daily Source Code (Matt)
    Could I consider myself a podcaster or even a diligent student of podcasting if I didn’t link to Adam Curry? I don’t think so. His tagline says it all: “There are no secrets. Only information you do not yet have.” He has it. I need it.
  10. Digg Nation (Nate)
  11. The Economist (Garrett)
  12. Engaging Brand (Corey)
  13. Front Page (Josh)
    News highlights from front page of New York Times; approximately 5 minutes; daily; found via iTunes.
  14. Global News(Josh)
    Unique content from BBC World Service containing global news highlights; approximately 30 minutes; twice daily; found via iTunes.
  15. The Guardian Weekly Podcast (Garrett)
  16. Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips For Better Writing (Nate)
  17. HomeDepot Workshops (Kathy)
    Video podcast for DIY home improvement projects. Found via iTunes; long-ish (30 min; no regular release schedule.
  18. Howcast (Kathy)
    Video podcast showcases Google & YouTube technology and features UGC on the subject of “how-to’s.” Found via iTunes; shorts (2-3 min average); no regular release schedule.
  19. The Infidel Guy
    (Jonathan) Internet radio show that has been going since 1999 (and podcasting since 2004). By far my favorite podcast—and something I enjoy so much that I donate $15/month. Reggie produces 3 hour-long podcasts every week, each dealing with different aspects of the long struggle between science and religion—and they feel just about on par with anything produced by traditional media in terms of quality. Also, Reggie is the only indie podcaster I’m aware of who has been successful enough to make this his full-time job.
  20. KUOW 94.9 (Katie)
  21. Lonely Planet Travelcasts (YiJen)
  22. NASACast: This Week @ NASA (Garrett)
  23. Nordic Drones – iTunes Link (Vaun)
  24. The Official Lost Podcast
    (Josh) Behind the scenes look from the filmmakers/producers and weekly recap for the popular television drama from ABC; approximately 30 minutes; weekly; found via iTunes.
    (Sarah) The official Lost podcast features interviews with the cast, stories about filming, and discussions of the latest episodes by executive producers.
  25. The Onion Radio News (Chris, Katie)
    Satire: Delivered in the style of a short news bite, The Onion Radio News is anchored by fictional Doyle Redland.
  26. Photoshop Killer Tips (Kathy)
    Video podcast with PS tips sponsored by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Found via iTunes; shorts; daily.
  27. Podcasting Academy (Matt)
    The book we are reading The Business Podcasting Book: Launching, Marketing, and Measuring Your Podcast, is put out by the Podcasting Academy. Just tons of endless information of podcasting—legal, professional, financial—a must have in any podcaster’s repertoire.
  28. Podcasting Underground (Matt)
    More great information put out by Jason Van Orden going back to 2005.
  29. Orson Wells On The Air – iTunes link (Vaun)
  30. Rainier Radio (Maury – archive)
    An effort to archive local (NW) radio broadcasts from what is called radio’s “Second Golden Age”, the 50’s thru the 70’s. There is lot more that just those decades on the site however and I think it is fun to listen to these blasts from the past no matter what the era. Anyway, I thought it might be fun to experience an earlier version of pod-casting. You do have to register to get to the content, but it is free and simple.
  31. Resident Advisor Podcast (Jonathan)
    Weekly techno show with a new hourlong mix each week from some of the world’s most intriguing up-and-coming new DJ talent. Has been going since early 2006 and is an awesome resource for hearing mixes from DJ’s you might not have discovered otherwise. And since the show is produced under the Resident Advisor umbrella (a very respected site/magazine in the electronic music world) you know you can trust that each week’s mix will at least be interesting…
  32. Smart Wrestling Fan Wrestling Review Show (Jonathan)
    A weekly podcast that’s been going for almost 3 years now. Wiggly and Joe review the week in wrestling news, with focus on indie and regional promotions, but also run-downs of WWE and other larger groups. I chose this podcast because it’s a fantastic example of high-quality production mixed with a very personal and conversation style. The hosts are hilarious. If I were to produce a podcast this would be my blueprint for style/form.
  33. The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe (Jonathan)
    A weekly hourlong show dedicated to debunking pseudoscience and other modern mysticism. Hosted by a neurologist (Dr. Steven Novella, MD) and featuring a consistent panel of 5 other skeptics. Full of important and unique content not found elsewhere. This podcast’s been going for over 3 years. Over that time it’s developed into a highly respected and influential resource within the skeptical movement, and is listened to by over 30,000 people every week. I like how it combines serious discussion with banter and hilarious gimmicks from the hosts.
  34. StartUp Story (Corey)
  35. This American Life
    (Chris) Radio episodes air on Fridays, and the podcasts are available for download for (only?) one week starting the Monday after their broadcast.
    (Josh) Rebroadcast of popular NPR storytelling based series; approximately one hour in length; weekly; found via iTunes.
  36. Wine Library TV (Matt)
    The one that started it all for me. Gary Vaynerchuk’s daily wine video blog. I am a Vayniak and proud of it. My screen name is syrahhhhhhhhh (that’s 9 h’s). Here’s me and Gary.

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