Class Blogroll & Podroll


  1. Renee:Podcasting ToolsDescription: Comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything you need to know about PodcastingVox Daily Description: Blog for Voice Actors
  2. Sarah:MyBallard Citizen Rain
  3. Ziwen:
  4. Helen:  The Medium , MediaShift
  5. Rubi: Digital Podcast Description:
    This blog offers interviews with different experts about different subjects, for example, this week there were three articles about the future of television.  It also offers posts exclusively about podcast under popular posts. It offers podcast programs and have a section on how to promote your podcast.  It also has a fan club through Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.
    City Cast Description:It offers insights about the modern media space. It offers overviews about the different technologies like Podcasting, traditional and social media, and mobile and custom media.  It also offer information about marketing and publicity under  360 Approach.
  6. Vera : down the avenue Description: The author of this blog constantly provides her professional experiences and insights on marketing, technology, public relations, and media related fields.
  7. Vera: Mashable Description: Social Media related news are the targets of this blog. This blog coverages contents of twitter, facebook, digg, wordpress, etc. which is a guide for people who pay highly attention on social media.
  8. Annie: Jason Van Orden – As a new media and podcasting consultant, Jason’s blog provides the latest insights about online marketing strategies for business as well as providing tools for creating podcasts.
  9. Annie:  Podcasting News – This blog is a great site for podcasting reviews.  It provides analysis of popular podcasts (ie. Grammar Girl) and also introducts new podcasts that are worth listening to.
  10. Annie (bonus blog I stumbled upon):  Adam Metz – The MetzMash blog is a first class ticket into understanding the world of social media.  His blog contains information about social media metrics, the business of new media, and evolving strategies that impact this growing industry.
  11. Alvin: Blog Talk radio is a great source for the latest news and unique podcast listed on the web.  A plethora of episodes and categories this blog brings a lot to the table.
  12. Alvin: Yoga Today is a clean and simple blog to follow especially if you enjoy yoga.  Even if you are not a practitioner or frequent yoga rat you can learn interesting stretches and breathing exercises.  They also have a great podcast to follow the blog postings.
  13. Alvin: Social Potato Chips is a blog that I have seen blossom from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Fellow colleague Annie Lee gives you bite sized social media advice with a stomach full of information.  Easy to read and a clean user friendly design.


  1. Renee:Grammar GirlDescription: Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing.PRI: Selected ShortsDescription: NPR’s award-winning series of short fiction read by the stars of stage and screen.
  2. Sarah::TedTalksKindle Chronicles
  3. Ziwen
  4. Helen: A Prairie Home Companion, Music that Matters
  5. Rubi: Grammar Girl Description: These podcasts are about grammar topics for the listeners to improve their grammar skills.
    KOUW The Conversation Description: It is a program radio show call the conversation that runs daily at noon on KOUW radio. This show has guest speakers, includes audience opinion and recent news.  The podcast includes the full one hour show.
  6. Vera: NPR: FreshAir From WHYY Description: This podcast is about in-depth interviews over contemporary cultural issues. The  host then provides comments from commentators.This is one of the most popular public radio programs of NPR.
  7. Vera: The Public Speaker: Quick And Dirty Tips for improving your communication skills Description: This interesting podcast offers listeners tips of communication skills weekly. Listeners are expected to be more memorable when they give public speeches after learning these practical tips.
  8. Annie: The Rachel Maddow Show – While Rachel Maddow does not provide suggestions on how to create a podcast, listening to her entertaining demeanor is educational.  As one of the upcoming influential political commentators, she presents a strong conviction and animation in her tone–which is biggest takeaway for this class.
  9. Annie: Twooting – Bo and Ryan use a combination of interviews and informal conversations to share Twitter best practices.  They an amusing duo who provide the latest tips and tricks on how to use Twitter and information on why microblogging can be a resourceful tool for professionals.
  10. Alvin : MMAjunkie Radio  This podcast is for Mixed Martial Arts fans and hosted by a fighter Frank Trigg and his friends.  They talk about the latest fights coming up and do interviews with MMA fighters and enthusiast. 
  11. Alvin: Fitness Rocks is just what it says! A passionate host and cool podcast that gives you short health tips and updates medical developments.  With over a hundred episodes this podcast has even out grown the content provider forcing him to monetize his market share.

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  1. […] are reading this quarter and one podcast that you are listening to/watching. [Or pick one from the 2009 student list – if your info isn’t on the list, please add it! – or the 2008 list] Create one blog post […]

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