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10 Responses to Project: Corey MSN

  1. Nate says:

    Title — Great. Offers clear description of what podcast is.

    Overall concept viability — Well thought-out and good use of data!

    Implementation feasibility — Good. Once a week or more frequent definitely necessary because it needs to be timely, and a quick 5-minute podcast is very easy to consume.

    Format matches audience — This is tough because your competition actually offering podcasts (E!, TMZ) are covering a specific type of entertainment — celebrity gossip. Of course, this is a HUGE draw, but you may want to offer extra details on the type of entertainment content: will it be similar to E! and TMZ or will it be more broad, also covering music, films, games, etc? You may find a competitive advantage by covering content that those podcasts don’t (e.g.- you note that 63% of podcast listeners are male, but that’s probably not the cast with the TMZ, E! podcasts (making an assumptions here).

    Promotion plan — Great

  2. xiaoqiye says:

    1. great job analysis the competitor’s market.
    what is not clear to me is how this MSN pod casting different from competitor and win the competition? Or it is just another entertainment site with Pod casting? What is the winning strategy after the data analysis?

    2. Feedback to Proposed project and production plan, Content
    You mentioned in the proposal:
    “The pod cast content will be pulled from information that is already available through the online MSN Entertainment site. Thus, the company WILL NEED TO invest in equipment (minimal costs) and hire a team to create and produce the shows. ”
    [xiaoqy] is this a typo?
    should it be WILL NOT NEED to instead to support your point as lightweight producing project

    3 Another feedback to the content:
    It would be great to make the content more detail to reflect the Objectives and be convincing that this content will achieve these objectives. Currentlly it is hard to tell how does the content will result to the objectives.

    4. Great detailed promotion plan, well thoughts!
    How much percentage the promotion will cost compare the main project? How long often do you want to release the promition projects? you don’t want to over use the time and resources budget on the promotion plan compare the main project.

    Summary: it is a good project proposal. looking forward to see it is finalized.

  3. Terry Short says:

    Concept Viability:
    Excellent concept for a logical addition to MSN. Judging from how prominently and frequently celebrity news items are front-paged on MSN, a podcast that’s positioned as a weekly quick-fix/celebrity-news roundup has a good chance of being a hit.

    Podcast title:
    “MSN Entertainment Sound-off Podcast: Week in Review” feels a bit dry and “hard news” for this concept. You’ve done your homework, concerning the growth of podcast usage among the MSN audience and the analysis of podcast, vodcast and blogs offered by other entertainment sites. The E Online features have titles that are breezy and edgy and you should consider titles that have more sass and snap to quickly convey that this podcast is a guilty pleasure.

    Very high, since “The podcast content will be pulled from information that is already available through the online MSN Entertainment site.” You only have to re-package the wheel instead of reinventing it.

    Match the audience:
    The homework you’ve done on your audience, and the current popularity of celebrity news indicate that this podcast is a great fit.

    This is solid, comprehensive plan that leverages your strongest asset – visibility on MSN. Extra points for including the educate-about-podcasting piece and not assuming that your audience already knows the what and how.

  4. Vaun says:

    1. Viability: Seems fine.

    2. Title: Pretty good. Something a little more off-the-wall would be even better, especially if you want to be “controversial.”

    3. Feasibility: Sounds feasible.

    4. Format matches audience: You did not provide much detail about the show, except that it will be a talk show and have an energetic, controversial tone. Will there be a “hook” or some sort of unique feature? It sound like other organizations are doing very similar shows, so you may need a gimmick to compete with them.

    5. Promotion: Sounds fine.

  5. Sarah Lane says:

    The marketing and promotion plan is great. It is very detailed and well thought out. The research clearly shows that people want entertainment news. You seem to have a clear idea of who your audience is. My concern is that with so many other successful entertainment news podcasts how will MSN’s stand out. I wonder if this is a saturated market. I think if your podcast had a unique feature, something lacking in all the others, it could draw listners away from the other entertainment newscasts to yours.


  6. Matt says:

    1. Concept Viability
    This concept is clearly viable. (Unfortunately) entertainment news is where a majority of Americans are putting their attention these days. The fact that you are building upon a well-established MSN Entertainment site is only logical and inevitable.

    2. Title
    This is tough. I understand your choice for the title which plays off the strength of an already established brand, yet the “Sound-off” portion seems out of place. Ironically, if your podcast was just called Sound Off!” it would have more pop. Everything we’ve read says to make sure that an audience can figure out what the show is about in the title. You’ve done that here. Perhaps, though, since MSN has a somewhat captive audience, a short snappy name would be okay.

    3. Implementation
    Well done.

    4. Format
    I think a 1x/week format is logical. But I’d consider a 15-20 minute show. If you are only going to do a 5-minute show however, you may want to make this a daily podcast with regular hosts. In the entertainment world, a week’s time could make some stories stale.

    5. Audience match
    The thorough homework you did in the front end of your proposal seems to contradict your perspective audience. I question the mostly male podcast listeners in their 40s really tuning in to what seems to be younger and female oriented content. That said, the enormous amount of entertainment we see even our “serious” news and journalism may make my hesitation a moot point. Certainly, you will have a large audience built quickly.

    6. Promotional Plan
    Item 7 in your plan is really all you need. This one major advantage will drive most of your audience to your podcast. The rest is just due diligence and icing on the big MSN cake.

    Nice proposal!

  7. jaw333 says:

    1. Concept Viability:
    Yes—this looks like an underserved audience, even with the competition producing podcasts (TMZ, etc…) The demand for celebrity news seems insatiable in our society, and I would think that the sky is the limit as far as gossip podcasting. I do agree with Xiao Qi’s comment about differentiation and wonder how you’d make yours stand above others, but this can be accomplished with high-quality production and timely content. Will you be getting any juicy rumours before the other sites?

    2. Title:
    I’m thinking that a title with a little more “pop” as Matt suggests might drive traffic even within the MSN site. I do understand the need to keep MSN in there but think something like “MSN Juicy Celeb Dirt” might get a few more clicks?

    3. Implementation
    As far as I can tell, you’ve covered all the bases I can think of.

    4. Format
    This may just be personal taste, but I would think you could take it longer than 5 minutes if there are any particularly juicy rumors for the week. Could the Heath Ledger story, for example, have fit into such a short timeframe? Perhaps so, but the nature of gossip logically lends itself to longer discussion… 🙂 Also, I think your podcast would be ideal for listener interaction (emails, voicemails, etc…) So that might eventually take it past 5 minutes.

    5. Audience Match
    Spot-on. You’ve nailed the audience, I think.

    6. Promotional Plan
    While each of these steps would individually drive traffic, combined together they make an effective and aggressive plan. I bet you’d have a few thousand listeners after only a couple weeks and it would just snowball from there.

  8. kegill says:

    Pat yourselves on the back, team – this is a well-crafted proposal that should provide lots of ah-ha’s for the other three teams!

    I don’t know if you used a standard MSFT template — but you might also think about this in the “situation – target – proposal” format that I learned at Boeing.

    Also, consider arguing for podcasting as brand extension (Eric’s points) rather that simply monetization. There is no proven monetization model (pay to subscribe or “pay” by listening to an advert).

    In your competitive analysis — tell us if TMZ and E! are monetizing their podcasts the way you are envisioning. Also, give us some idea of frequency and more detail about their format (specifically, time) — and listen to them and write your own reactions (rather than using E!’s framing)

    I think the podcast as envisioned is too general — it’s sort of like Amazon’s “authors” podcasts. Find a niche and exploit it! You can’t compete head-to-head with E!, so where can you beat them??


  9. kegill says:

    I can’t remember if this was in the proposal — but you will want this to be available via a Flash player on the MSN website. Good luck at getting it on the section homepage!

  10. Katie Hall says:

    While reviewing everyone’s draft, we learned the following things:

    1. We did a lot of research, and feel like ours is appropriate for a corporate pitch at this point. Having sat through many pitches myself, I think this type of research is important to have either on the front end, or at least in your back pocket.
    2. COM is a really clever idea, to have a teacher actually take part in the podcast will help people make decisions. This podcast, as well as the others suggests to us that the teams have identified needs really well.
    3. Some of these might require a lot of work – for example the Mariners Podcast requires the group to become sports reporters once a week, watch the games, read the articles, and come up with their own commentary.
    4. Some said they think we need to differentiate ourselves from the competition. However, we’re planning to ride the coat-tails of MSN Entertainment as a whole. In other words, MSN Entertainment has already differentiated itself from TMZ, Yahoo! etc, and our podcast is going to stay consistent with that theme.
    5. We might consider changing our timeline to 5-10 minutes. It doesn’t have to stay the same exact length every time, but we should set 10 minutes as our cap.
    6. One thing that jumped out at us was the need to maintain a steady user base – which means keeping it interesting and having it come out on a timely basis. With that said, Lake Union might need to inrease its frequency. There is a good chance people might lose interest or forget it exists with a monthly podcast.
    7. We have to change our title. Some ideas: MSN’s guilty Pleasure – Guilty Pleasure Podcast.
    8. We might consider having different segments within each podcast, like a love section, party section etc.

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