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This is the page for Josh’s team. Post comments on the proposal using the comments feature on this page. View the proposal on GoogleDocs.

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8 Responses to Project: Josh, Lake Union

  1. coreygil says:

    Title: Good. Very specific and clearly states what the podcast is.

    Overall concept viability: Sounds doable. I think 6 months between each podcast might be a little too long, but someone closer to the project might have a legitimate reason for recommending this time frame (i.e. nothing new worth mentioning that takes less than 6 mos. to complete).

    Implementation feasibility: Sounds good and doable.

    Format matches audience: Yes

    Promotion plan: Not outlined. However, part of the promotion would be on the two websites where the audience can download the podcasts. Also, you should have something at the Discovery center/building on Westlake. Maybe also do a press release or have a post on the Citizen Rain blog or Seattle PI Twitter updates.

  2. xiaoqiye says:

    Feedback to the LakeUnion project

    1. Feedback to the situation analysis
    great details

    2. Feedback to the primary audience.
    For a better market value and to line up with the project objective: Position the SLU as a desire place to live… this project’s primary audience could be Local real estate agents. They can use this Pod casting to introduce and attractive future residents and raise the property value with a point of hot location and neighborhood.

    This podcasting can also be used as a historical educationary documentary for local library, cafe, etc.

    As it only produce every 6 months, it is hard to picture local residents will be the major audience and subscribe this project.

    A general question, will every 6 months frequence project a best suit for Podcasting or better other style, e.g. documentary video?

  3. Matt says:

    1. Concept Viability
    This is a great concept. I could actually see this expanding to any neighborhood in Seattle or beyond, established or not. The duality of web download as well as SLUWTP is twice the bang for the buck. Another great concept in itself.

    2. Title
    Not the most exciting, but what is important is that people know what the podcast is about by title. Perhaps you could amend the title to Discover South Lake Union Podcast?

    3. Implementation

    4. Format
    Excellent. However, I think you are missing something big if you don’t have people who already live in the area on your show. The guests you are proposing are great, but you may come off as Vulcan corporate podcast and not “real” if you stay with business only guests.

    5. Audience match
    I think any Seattle resident or future resident is a potential listener. One need not live in SLU to come and enjoy its amenities.

    6. Promotional Plan
    What is your promo plan? I suggest you run small ads on other big Seattle web sites like The Stranger, City Search, etc…

    I can’t wait to hear/see your work!

    Nice proposal!

  4. cvellis says:


    Straight and to the point. There’s no mistaking what this is about. Or is there? Maybe consider a catchier or more specific title.

    Overall concept viability:

    This a great concept that will really get the word out about the neighborhood if done right. I agree that 6 months between each one seems a little bit too long. People might be eager to hear the next one, and then forget about it because of the length of time between ‘casts. Just remember a lot of people hate condo development and you want to paint Vulcan in the best light possible.

    Implementation feasibility:

    Seems feasible to me. The biggest challenge is probably getting the interviews and not making it seem like some evil corporation trying to play nice.

    Format matches audience:

    Great. Just don’t plan on converting any anti-condo people!

    Promotion plan:

    You’ll want to promote it on vulcan’s site, obviously. Ads in Seattle Metro. magazine, Seattle Weekly and Seattle magazine might attract the upwardly audience you’re looking for.

  5. yijen says:


    Straight but that’s what it should be. Or, maybe you can think about “Picture your life in South Lake Union.” Just a thought.

    •Overall concept viability

    I like the idea and details you provide. It shows us the human care and relationship of this community and it is very practical and interesting. Also, I cannot wait to hear the interviews of many kinds of people in this community such as architecture, resident, and store owner, etc. I believe their interviews will show different and interesting viewpoints about this place. Moreover, it is great that you will record two versions of some interviews because this way will let the audience have a approach sense, but still hear clearly. However, this way also means that interviews and editing will become more difficult and complex. Your team needs to prepare more precise scripts ahead.

    I also think it takes too long to release this podcast every six month because audience will be eager to listen or introduce it to their neighbors if they like the first episode. Waiting for six months will definitely challenge their patience and royalty.

    •Implementation feasibility

    It seems very feasible for me.

    •Format matches audience: Yes.

    I think all of communities in Seattle should listen to this podcast and maybe duplicate this successful model because I believe it will be very helpful for communication to adopt social media such like podcasting into communities.

    •Promotion plan

    No outlined. My suggestions are to post a link on the community websites, put ads on local magazines and play it in local stores sometimes.

  6. Yenching says:

    1. Title
    Title is
    2. Overall Concept Viability
    The concept is very clear and established. I like the walking tour idea.
    3. Implemantation Feasibility
    Proposed project and production plan are both practical. They have a completed list of interviewee. Awesome!
    4. Format Matches Audience
    Good. Maybe they can also put their podcasts on other Seattle websites or blog space to reach more potential audiences.
    5. Promotion Plan
    Promotion plan could be more detailed. Try to build a promotion plan to market your podcast to your audience.
    I look forword to see their work.

  7. kegill says:

    Hi, team! This “situation – target – proposal” document model is one that I am familiar with from my days at Boeing — and you all have identified many important components.

    What I’m seeing here is a web-based project that includes downloadable files. I can see a rich set of maps (that may or may not use the GoogleMaps API) and an opportunity to highlight businesses/points of interest visually. [Get Vaun to show you what he did for his Capitol Hill project last year.]

    This project is more like Lee’s (CommonCraft) than Amazon’s.

    Thus, these audio stories also need to be delivered via the web in a Flash-based player. You may find that this is the most common form of distribution — especially since there is so much new housing construction (people who are thinking about moving into one of the developments would be an audience).

    I’d like to see more details about the *project* concept and less about the specifics of this episode. Clearly outline the neighborhoods and what might be story ideas.

    IF these are going to be updated so infrequently (the proposal says 2x/year), they can not be focus on “news” or “upcoming events” — so re-think that content piece or else think about having TWO series — one that is “newsy” and one that is the walking tour. I think that there is room for both ideas in the overall project proposal.

  8. joshla says:

    Josh posting on behalf of Terry.

    What we learned from the other proposals: (primarily from the MS proposal)

    There are two places we can turn up the volume to make the case to Vulcan (the client) on why they should commission us to produce this podcast:

    1) The viability of podcasts as a good medium for reaching their audience. This could include stats about the increasing popularity of podcasts in general, and the practicality of podcasts for this particular walking-tour application.

    2) The general business case for doing the podcast walking tour – primarily to get more people to “experience” the neighborhood. This is a compelling argument because Vulcan has the challenge of selling condos and filling retail space in the current soft real estate market

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