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This is the page for Matt’s team. Post comments on the proposal using the comments feature on this page. View the proposal on WetPaint. Final PPT.

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9 Responses to Project: Matt Mariners

  1. webberm says:

    Matt and team,
    Success can come from simply filling a void, a void that needs to be filled. I was surprised that in our sport-centric town, there wasn’t a Mariners specific podcast. Creating one is an outstanding idea! Including the fans in what I assume will be an audio ‘letter to the editor’ is smart and will really engage your audience. It will help create an audience which in turn will help create more fan participation. I suspect the challenge of the real podcast, if it were to come to fruition, would be selecting the choicest of the fans comments. For the class project however I don’t really see a problem. I like the idea of the two hosts so long as they are willing to get out of the way once in awhile and let the fans speak. Maybe it would be better to think of them as guides, or shepherds helping to corral the audience in the general direction of that week’s topic. Getting team sponsorship, which in turn could lead to better team access, would be the ultimate goal. I’m curious to know if you have any team access right now? That could really make this pilot a home run (pun intended). Of all the projects this one seems like it would have the best chance of commercial success. Good luck!

  2. Terry Short says:

    Concept viability:
    As you note, there is currently no podcast devoted exclusively to the Mariners, so this definitely seizes an opportunity. And it’s probably a perishable opportunity, so the sooner you claim it, the better.

    “Marinerscast!” feels a bit generic and bland. It could be the title of an AM radio call-in show that would cover the same ground you’re proposing. The title should quickly convey that this isn’t your usual Mariners show – that it has more attitude, more edge, more fun, for fan involvement, shows another side of the Mariners, etc.

    You don’t address how this might be funded or whether you plan to sell advertising/sponsorships. Producing this once a week with regular features like player interviews, background on this week’s opponents, etc. could become a time-consuming undertaking for a few passionate fans to maintain at a high caliber.

    I suggest adding a component to the proposal on how you will get the Mariners to wholeheartedly endorse the podcast. This would spell out “What’s in it for the Mariners” to support this. Even if they don’t provide any funding, their buy-in will make it much easier to feature the players and coaching staff and eventually get a sponsor.
    It would also be helpful to get the buy-in from the Mariners’ ad agency, Copacino+Fujukado,
    and from whoever produces any official Mariners broadcasts. Otherwise, the “not invented here” syndrome could inspire them to tell the Mariners that this is a bad idea. Getting their buy-in also increases the likelihood of them giving you a plug.

    Match the audience.
    A very good fit. Since the Mariners have a galloping head start on a losing season, you might consider a regular “therapy” segment that addresses the unspoken issue of keeping fan morale from tanking during trying times. One of the reasons the Mariners should support you is that you help sustain the fans’ esprit de corps under heavy shelling, which ultimately supports ticket sales.

    See “Feasibility” above. Get all the buy-in you can from anyone who can cross-promote you, and offer to return the favor.

  3. Vaun says:

    1. Concept Viability: Sounds good. A lot of people are more passionate about sports than they are about politics, religion or anything else in life, so I’m sure you’ll have an audience.

    2. Title: OK

    3. Feasibility: How are you going to get the cooperation of the baseball team? Will an interview with a player or other member of the Mariners organization be featured in your pilot?

    4. Format: Sounds like you have some good ideas for featured segments. Have you thought about the possibility of making this podcast more about the fans and less about the team? Instead of interviews with players and coaches, you could find colorful, die hard fans and interview them each week on a rotating basis. One might be a know-it-all guy in a bar. Another could be a 12 year old Little League player. Another could be a tough talking old lady who lives in a nursing home. These wold ultimately become a regular “cast of characters” whose view the audience would look forward to hearing. Sometimes these fans would be pleased with the Mariners, and sometimes they might have a “Mariners Suck” kind of attitude, depending on how the games are going. You could use some poetic license and have fun faking some of this up in your pilot.

    Once you find and develop this group of regular guests, you could do all sorts of things with getting your audience to interact with them.

    This would give you a freewheeling, controversial, independent status that I think could be very entertaining and edgy. Although the team might not support you at first (because your show would sometimes be critical of them) I’m sure they would eventually court your favor if the show became popular enough.

  4. cvellis says:


    I know it’s easy to say “think of something more exciting!” but i think this gets the point across just fine.

    Overall concept viability:

    Viable, as people are crazy about baseball. You wouldn’t be exactly appealing to some obscure interests.

    Implementation feasibility:

    If you can get cooperation from the team and make it the “official” Mariners podcast, well then that would be HUGE. If not, just a couple of fans doing it on their own is still something people should be interested in.

    Format matches audience:

    Of course. These are all things any Mariners fan would be interested in.

    Promotion plan:

    If the Mariners are on board, you’ll have all the promotional help you need I imagine.

  5. yijen says:


    Straight and let us know what this podcasting is talking about very clearly. Or, “Touch Mariners!” Just a thought.

    •Overall concept viability

    I like this practical idea and it is a good timing to engage in this field because no other podcast for Mariners at present. I also like your podcast is always concerned about the fans first including what they need. That is a good and specific viewpoint.

    •Implementation feasibility

    Most of the proposal is feasible for me, but I think the most challenge will interview with players and coaches of Mariners. If you can have these interviews, that would be more attractive because fans always love to listen their idols’ voice and thoughts.

    •Format matches audience


    •Promotion plan

    These ways sound effective. Additionally, you can play this audio in some area of the Safeco field.

  6. kegill says:

    Hi, gang — a good first cut. You’ve followed the “situation – target – proposal” concept (one I learned at Boeing) by telling us upfront (graph 1) “the situation.” The next two graphs are “the target.”

    There are a lot of assumptions made in those two paragraphs, though. I don’t see any competitive analysis to tell me how Mariners fans are currently staying on top of the news about the team — fan blogs, media columnists/blogs. These ARE your competition! They are also part of your promotional base.

    I’d also like to see examples of this concept “in the wild” — some other professional sports podcast, produced by fans not a media personality.

    “Sell me” that there is not only a market (how big it is, btw, and do you know anything about baseball fan demographics?), but that something like this can be successful. This is going to be important if you decide you want ad dollars or Mariners support.

    Content: will it just be the two personalities chatting? If not, how will you get interviews? (You won’t be able to rebroadcast any recordings of the games or player/coach interviews.)

    What is your promotion plan? How will you use the blog to supplement the podcast? Will it only be updated weekly? What kinds of content will it have?

    Finally, be sure someone runs the final documents through Word grammar/spell check!

  7. jaw333 says:

    After reviewing the feedback as well as the group proposal, we all agreed that there was definitely more research needed on the promotional end of the podcast. The proposal should be expanded to include specific channels of marketing—fan blogs like USS Mariner or sports podcast sites like, which is a website featuring individually-produced team podcasts from all over the world. There is a big gaping hole where “Seattle Mariners” should be and our podcast would most certainly fill that void. Also, we’ve decided that it would be difficult to coordinate player/coach interviews. And from a content perspective, you can get that for free from KOMO 1000 every night after the game anyway. We appreciated the suggestions that we focus more on the fan experience, and get interviews from real fans and unfiltered commentary on their reactions. It’d need to be unfiltered, too, considering the team is currently in last place… 🙂 We also plan to further promote the community aspect of the podcast, through consistent listener interaction, listener-driven features, and coordination with local sports bloggers. This podcast will be all about the fan. If the M’s want to buy in, that’s great, but our podcast should be able to stand on its own.

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