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This is the page for Nate’s team. Post comments on the proposal using the comments feature on this page. View the proposal on WetPaint.

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12 Responses to Project: Nate COM

  1. webberm says:

    Nate and all,
    I think this is a solid idea. Although I’m partial to the title of “DubCast” I recognize that it is not Comm Department Specific and audiences might find it confusing. I think as a project for this class it is infinitely do-able. If this were to become a regular podcast I think it would be necessary to update weekly or tweak the format. Your draft indicates that it would include all types of information related to the Comm Department, but if the ComGrads list serve is any indication, there would be too much information for a monthly podcast. In fact I sort envision this as an audio equivalent to the information distributed by the list serve. I suspect the real challenge would be to filter all the info and honing it down to the truly important or entertaining nuggets. Otherwise your looking at a much longer program length. I really like the idea of using it as as showcase of the departments willingness to embrace new technology and I think making it available on the department website, front and center is logical. Overall Good Job!

  2. coreygil says:

    Title: Good idea with the voting plan.

    Overall concept viability: Love it! I especially like the idea for the faculty to produce something for the upcoming classes that they will be teaching. This will definitely help students to get a better idea on what the class is all about and give prospective students more info on the curriculum.

    Implementation feasibility: Sounds doable.

    Format matches audience: Yes…definitely can’t make this slow or will lose attention.

    Promotion plan: Maybe you could also get a link off the University’s homepage?

  3. Vaun says:

    Can someone please help me find this proposal? I clicked on the “View the proposal on Wet Paint” link above, and it led me to a generic-looking page that says “there are no threads on this page.” I tried signing up for Wet Paint, but that didn’t help.

  4. kegill says:

    Vaun – I’ve also replied via email:

    This is the link to the wiki:

    In the left-hand navigation – there is a link to “Draft Assignment

  5. Vaun says:

    Okay, I finally figured out how to look at your proposal on the Wet Paint page.

    1. Overall Concept: This podcast could be an asset to prospective students or to current students who want to learn about certain professors and classes. The biggest challenge I see is how to keep the show exciting. Interviewing Prof. Domke about his trips to Idaho and Texas is certainly a good start, but how do you follow that up in future episodes? I’ve just finished some pretty extensive interviews with COM students for a department video, and I found it challenging to get them to talk with enthusiasm about their projects and classes. Many students seemed to consider their own projects to be rather dry and dull. I also ran into a bit of criticism of the department that would be tricky to handle in a program like yours. If you really want to test your concept, try interviewing someone other than Domke; he is, after all, the department’s most popular professor and his trips were rather more exciting than most of the stuff that goes on around here. If you could make an exciting podcast out of, say, someone’s big statistical analysis project, well then you’d really know you’re on to something.

    2. Title: I prefer ComUcast.

    3. Feasibility: Sounds feasible

    4. Format: Fine

    5. Promotion: Putting it on the department’s website will get it to prospective students. An email to all Com students might be needed to alert them to new episodes, since current students may not look at the Department’s home page very often.

  6. Katie Hall says:

    Concept Viability I really like your points about how if we’re going to be a progressive communications department, we should be using progressive communications techniques. I also think the fact that other big universities are putting these to use is important.

    Title You have a lot of great ideas – I like DubCast 🙂

    Feasibility Definitely seems feasible, and on a monthly basis it seems like there will be enough topics to cover, anything from the class schedule to hot topics in communication. I think the big challenge will be to keep it interesting enough to get people to keep downloading it.

    Format Good format, time might

    Match the Audience This could be for a lot of different people, prospective students, faculty, current students, alumni etc. I think it’s a good match for all of them.

    Promotion The URL should probably live on the home page of every communications sub-page on the website. Might even get Corliss to email it out to our distro list.

  7. Victoria says:

    Title – I prefer Com News
    I think a podcast or casts on the UW Comm web site is a great idea. Promotion could also go out to the local and state newspapers and TV stations. We have many alumni working in those areas, as well as friends of the department who would be interested in finding out the latest research and teaching in journalism at the UW.

  8. Sarah Lane says:

    I like this idea. I think if is very plausible. I like the name ComUcast. This is a great plan. My only concern is the variety of audience. With such a range of expected listeners: faculty, students, potential students, and alumni, I think it will be hard to produce a 10-15 minute show that will appeal to all of them. It might be better to narrow your audience slightly to create a more focused podcast. Just my two cents.


  9. jaw333 says:

    1. Concept Viability:
    Fantastic. This seems like a perfectly logical extension of the COM dept—frankly, I’m surprised that one hasn’t been created yet. In fact, with some success, the dept. could branch out and create multiple podcasts based on need and interest. This might be the beginning of something larger…

    2. Title:
    That’s a toughie. I’m with Maury on “Dubcast” but also agree that it might be confusing outside of our little UW world. And even if it was only produced for that little world, it’s still a little too broad and I’d read it as a podcast about the entire University. Thus, I do think the more specificity the better, and I’d vote for UW COM Dept Podcast. Or even UW COM-cast (although you’d probably get nailed by that nosy cable company…)

    3. Implementation:
    This seems good—since it’s not necessarily being marketed worldwide I don’t think you need to reinvent the wheel or anything…

    4. Format:
    I really like the idea of focusing on specific projects. As a COM student myself (and in the evening degree program which cuts you further off from campus life) I literally have no idea what’s going on within my own department at any given point. And I also like that you’ve left it open-ended enough to let it take you wherever it leads.

    5. Audience Match:
    Well, I’m your audience. And I’d sign up immediately.

    6. Promotional Plan:
    This might be where you could expand your proposal a little. If it was produced on a high-quality level I could see this becoming a campus-wide thing—why wouldn’t Pres. Emmert listen to it if it was interesting and done well? Can’t think of any reason why not. So, maybe try to get some real estate on the main UW site sometime, as well as the Bothell/Tacoma branches. Why not? 🙂

  10. Yenching says:

    1. Title
    The possible titles are all very interesting. I especially like Communication Today and UW Com Dept Podcast.
    2. Overall Concept Viability
    The overall concept is very clear and practical. They also consult the podcasting at other schools. I believe that the idea is very exciting to all UW students.
    3. Implementation Feasibility
    The production plan could be more detailed.
    4. Format Matches Audience
    Newspiece and interview are very good ideas. Maybe you can add more student interviews to try to involve more students to your podcasting. The format is great.
    5. Promotion Plan
    Promotion plan is very realistc and practical.
    Look forward to hear their podcasts.

  11. kegill says:

    Great start! Consider using the “situation – target – proposal” format (one I learned at Boeing) to structure the argument.

    What is the situation? The website is devoid of social media or “modern” technologies.

    Target: make the site more hip. Heh. 😉

    Proposal: start a podcast series that does ….

    Then details.

    It’s good that you can reuse the competitive analysis from Winter quarter!

    Give us an idea of what the show will be — frequency, length, genre — and WHY you’ve picked this format.

    THEN tell us your vision for the pilot episode.

    The pilot (a great idea!) suggests that the podcast may not be “news” or “information about upcoming classes” but more “feature stories” about programs, faculty, students.

    Think about other ways to promote the show than thru the UW COM website. Where else on campus might it be promoted?

  12. Katie Hall says:

    I just got an alumni email from University of Michigan that shows their podcasting page for alumni…. Thought you might be interested just to see another example….

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